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Happy Leap Day!!!

My friends are talking about posting a picture a day for a year on their blog and I thought that would be a good way to keep me active on this piece of shit site that I have invited no one to come and look at. I definitely thought Leap Day seemed like the appropriate time start a year long project so here goes….


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I’d Pin That!

My girlfriend is currently addicted to Pinterest. She can’t stop pinning. She’s pinning so much that It’s making me want to get into it. So I go to Pinterest to start pinning and it says I can’t start pinning unless I log in through my facebook or twitter account. So I start a twitter account. Now I have to learn how to tweet to learn how to pin. I am instantly verified to tweet. I send a message to Pinterest asking them if they think I’m cool enough to pin. No response. What the fudge takes so long? I can instantly tweet from my phone but Pinterest has to research me to find out if I’m cool enough to make a magnetic make-up board. I just want to Pin! Actually, I don’t even know if I’m going to like pinning. Maybe pinning sucks. I should tweet about it.