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Nate’s on the scene!

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Nate's on the scene!

Neighborhood Watch Nate was on the scene today at the Light Rail station on 16th and California where he captured this gruesome image. Apparently an unidentified shooter popped this guy in his leg as he was exiting the train. The shooter ran off as the shootee shouted shit like “It’s not yo xbox bitch jus tha controllas are yars…hey muthafucka why you taking my pictcha? What you gonna put that in the intanet?” A reliable source has told me that the shooter has been apprehended. This is just another example of people confusing hip hop …with real life. Thanks again Nate.


Author: pricelesshotdog

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One thought on “Nate’s on the scene!

  1. My favorite part about this pic is the baby doll and the sweet hot pink Nike’s.

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