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Lakeside Amusement Park

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Aimee and I went to Lakeside Amusement Park last night and it was awesome. Everything is real cheap, kinda ghetto, and the rides just look dangerous. Skill Cranes just sit in the game room empty and half the games appeared to be broken. 1st we rode the Cyclone which is an old wooden roller coaster. It was the scariest roller coaster ride I’ve ever been on. This thing is a piece of shit. It just looks like it’s about to fall apart. I was seriously fearing for everyone’s lives on board….but if it’s running…It Must Be Safe! Next up was the Ferris Wheel! Again, scariest ferris wheel ride of my life. When the guy said “no rocking” I was thinking “no shit”. It just appeared unstable and I think I spotted bird’s nests in the gears. Next we rode the Zoom Drop Tower which Aimee thought was the scariest but I was ok with it because it actually looked new. Then we finished off with 2 spinny rides that left me wanting to puke and leave. One was the heart flip and the other the Merry Go Round.(I cannot undo the damage the Gravitron did to me when I was 11 at Rehoboth Beach. We took 2 rides on it and then I puked INSIDE my Genesis shirt.) Seriously, the Merry Go Round almost put me over the top. Overall, go to Lakeside! It’s awesome and inexpensive, there is incredible people watching(just check out that Chilly Willy tat), and it’s potentially dangerous.


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One thought on “Lakeside Amusement Park

  1. I didn’t think Lakeside was open anymore. Every time I drive by it I always think, “That abandoned amusement park would be a great place to take pictures!”

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