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Shark Party!!!

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Rob, Sars, Will, and I drove to Seaside Heights to meet Mickey from Ween for a shark party on the beach. We were using quartered bunker fish for bait which was shot out past the surf in a cannon called a SurfRocket. We had an awesome time but we didn’t catch shit. There was 12 rods out in the water and at one point a guy had a shark on his line. We pulled all the lines in so they wouldn’t get tangled while the guy fought the shark for a half an hour. Mickey and his helpers were in the water ready to pull it up on shore when the line snapped. It was officially the end of the night for the rest of the party….not for us though. Everybody left except us four who remained on the beach trying to lighten the load in the coolers while burning the remainder of the bunker fish to keep warm….come to think of it, it never really did get cold… head hurts.


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