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I gave this girl a donation to write me a poem about a racist zebra. While she was typing, I started to write one in my head. I decided not to read hers until I got home and finished mine. Here’s what we both came up with.
A Racist Zebra
When he races
his stripes are an a-moral blur;
When he stops for a
at the watering hole
He sees only color
but never his own–

Friends like to stare
at his running mouth
incredulously snapping
photos of a pundity louse–

He trots home
into warm sunsets
as small as a mouse.

Abigail Mott
Sept. 7, 2012
Denver, Co


The Racist Zebra
The racist zebra sat in the square
drawing circles with his hooves up in the air
“I hate blacks, I hate whites…
I hate days, I hate nights…
and I hate your mom too
because I heard she’s a Jew!”
All While lions, hippos, and buzzards just stared.

A mother giraffe turned to her son and said “Just because this zebra is an asshole, that doesn’t mean that all zebras are assholes.”
The young giraffe said ” Awe shit Mom, that’s deep!!!”


Kevin Price

Sept. 7,2012

Denver, CO



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2 thoughts on “9/7/12

  1. I like yours the best!!

  2. Ditto!

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