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Rambo-Yo! MTV Raps cards revealed

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DSCN3548On the backs of the Yo! MTV Raps cards are Yo! Facts.
Artist: Vanilla Ice
Name: Robert Van WInkle
Yo! Fact: Before going on tour with M.C. Hammer, Vanilla Ice appeared on concert bills with such artists as Paula Abdul, Epmd, Public Enemy, Tone Loc, and N.W.A. He now headlines his own shows. His crew includes DJ Earthquake and dancers High Tech, Juice, and E-Rock.

The back of the Rambo cards contain a little blurb about what’s going on on the front of the card. Example: On the back of the card titled “Killing Machine”, it says: A mountain of muscle… His heart consumed by vengeance, his mind alert to the challenge ahead, John Rambo faces his ruthless foes…
Also note that the piece of gum is 28 years old.


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