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Ben and I met up with our buddy Jason in Medicine Bow National Forest in Wyoming for a free Skidoo demo promoting the newest snowmobile models including one 2014 prototype. It was awesome.

After getting them stuck several times in the crunchy snow, we found a meadow where we could get them up to 80mph on straightaways. Here’s Ben trying his wheelie out…

…and here he is on the 2014.

He tried to get a picture of me…

…but I’m way to fast!

After we were done riding, we went for lunch at the Wycolo lodge where we met Shadow and Jake. I guess in Wyoming you are aloud to have your pets in your restaurant which I am all about.

The Wycolo lodge is right on the Wyoming Colorado boarder.
I always enjoy seeing the Colorado welcome sign.


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One thought on “3/15/13

  1. Hello there I am co owner of the wycolo lodge. I just want to to say thank u so much for the nice words about our lodge and the wonderful picture of my dogs Jake and shadow . We are no longer allowed to have them in the establishment but they are still our perfect guest greaters. Thanks so much hope to see u again! 🙂

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